FREE MASSAGE FOR CANCER PATIENTS currently undergoing treatment

Balancing life during treatment can be extremely stressful and difficult. I know, because I went through 5 months of dose dense chemo, 3 months of daily radiation, 8 surgeries, 2 strokes from my meds, and 5 years of hormone therapy treatment for Stage IIIb Breast Cancer. Take time out between oncology and radiation appointments or after surgery with a FREE therapeutic medical massage session custom designed to help you get through life’s balancing act during treatment by a therapist who knows exactly what you are going through.

Your initial free session would include a detailed 30 minute intake and assessment interview, to create a customized personal therapeutic session plan based on your doctors diagnosis and medical treatment (release form approval for massage required) along with a series of 1-6 free 60 minute sessions depending on your needs.  This is a great way for patients to experience relaxation and relief from stress and pain without the financial burden or worry.

Melt away stress on a warm table, a hot towel treatment, and 100% pure organic oils and lotions (topical CBD can be added on request) to unravel your senses into a holistic body healing experience by clicking on the “Booknow” button below.

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Free sessions for patients currently undergoing oncology treatment or surgery only please.

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