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Balancing life during treatment can be extremely stressful and difficult. I know, because I went through 5 months of dose dense chemo, 2 months of daily radiation, 8 surgeries, 2 strokes from 5 years of hormone therapy from a medication called Tamoxifen for 5 types of Breast Cancer all at one time, including metastatic cancer. Take time out between oncology appointments for a therapeutic medical massage customized to your diagnosis or a POST-SURGICAL Lymphatic massage session to expedite recovery from your Mastectomy or Lumpectomy. Help relieve and control swelling, pain, and inflammation. This program is designed to help you get through life’s balancing act during treatment and recovery by a certified medical massage therapist who knows EXACTLY what you are going through.

Your initial free session would include a detailed 10-15 minute intake and assessment interview, followed by a custom tailored therapeutic session plan based on your doctors diagnosis and medical treatment (release form approval for massage required) along with a series of free monthly 60 minute sessions (up to 6 per year) depending on your needs. 

This is a great way for patients to experience relaxation and relief from stress, pain, and anxiety without the financial burden or worry.

Melt away stress on a warm table, a hot towel treatment, and 100% pure organic oils and lotions (topical CBD can be ADDED ON REQUEST) to unravel your senses into a holistic body healing experience by clicking on the “BOOKNOW” button below.