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I am FULLY VACCINATED so schedule your session with confidence.

If Scheduling: POST-SURGERY Recovery, Lymphatic Drainage and your surgery has been performed within the last 2 weeks I suggest booking at minimum 2 lymphatic massage sessions through your 3rd week of recovery in advance to ensure full efficacy and availability.

If Scheduling: PRE-SURGICAL Lymphatic Drainage Massage, I suggest booking your session 3-5 days prior to your surgery date.

Pre & Post-Surgery packages are available.

If Scheduling: Oncology Massage during chemo, I provide 1 free 60 minute session (up to 6 per year) for women with Breast Cancer currently going through cancer treatment with a doctors release note. I suggest booking your session 1-2 days prior to your chemo infusions.

I am a Medical Massage Therapist and 2008 Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor with over 700+ hours of instruction which includes California state certification and additional courses and certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Management, and Oncology Massage with ongoing continuing education each quarter to stay current on the newest techniques and medical updates.

Feel free to call or text with any questions or concerns. My cell phone is on mute during all sessions, and I do not work on “closed days”, please allow 24-48hrs for a response.

Text is always best – Cell 510-295-3695

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Non-Profit Partner