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I am FULLY VACCINATED so schedule your session with confidence

I am a Medical Massage Therapist and 2008 Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor with over 700+ hours of instruction which includes additional courses in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Oncology Massage with ongoing additional courses every year.

As a CMLDT, I specialize in PRE & POST-SURGERY Lymphatic Drainage Massage for: Plastic Surgery, Breast Cancer / Mastectomy / Reconstruction and Survivorship, Post-Surgical Scar Management, in addition to Myofascial Release for Therapeutic Pain Management.

If Scheduling: POST-SURGERY Recovery Lymphatic Drainage Massage and your surgery has been performed within the last 2 weeks I suggest booking at minimum 2 lymphatic massage sessions for the first 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure full efficacy and availability.

If Scheduling: PRE-SURGICAL Lymphatic Drainage Massage, I suggest booking your session no more than 5-7 days prior to your surgery date.

If Scheduling: Oncology Massage during chemo, I suggest booking your session 1-2 days prior to your chemo infusions.

Be sure to also check the Post Surgical Massage packages available HERE.

Mobile Services & Couples Massage are both scheduled only by Phone and/or Text

Feel free to call or text with any questions or concerns, I have my cell phone on mute during all sessions, so please allow 24hrs for a response. Text is always best.

Cell 510-295-3695

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