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FULLY VACCINATED MEDICAL MASSAGE THERAPIST - Specializing in POST - SURGICAL Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Tissue Management, and Oncology Massage. FSA & HSA medical account cards and ALL Major Credit Cards are accepted.

Infrared Heat Therapy, Massage News


INFRARED HEAT THERAPY, what is it and what are the benefits? Infrared Heat Therapy delivers detoxification for the whole body bringing fresh nutrients to muscles and boosting your metabolic rate-so you burn calories like your working out, without actually working out. As you relax into the soothing, yet stimulating heat, infrared also triggers your brains… Continue reading INFRARED HEAT THERAPY

Lymphatic Massage, Massage News, Medical Massage

The Lymphatic System – How Does It Work?

The lymphatic system is a large network that can be found throughout the body consisting of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. This system primarily consists of lymphatic vessels, which are similar to the veins and capillaries like the cardiovascular system, and are connected to 600-700… Continue reading The Lymphatic System – How Does It Work?